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Welcome to the ENVISAT Groundbased
Measurement and Campaign Database
at the NADIR data centre.

The ENVISAT-1 satellite, launched March 1st 2002, carries ten instruments, three of which (MIPAS, GOMOS and SCIAMACHY) are aimed at atmospheric research, and two (MERIS and AATSR) are aimed at observing land surface and oceans. 

For geophysical validation, independent observations are performed by a large number of  in-situ, remote-sensing and satellite instruments for comparison with the geophysical Envisat data products. These correlative data are stored within the NADIR database at NILU (successfully used for the GOME validation campaign and for several projects under European coordination, in particular EASOE, SESAME, THESEO/THESEO-2000, VINTERSOL and SCOUT-O3), in order to make indexed data accessible for all scientists and engineers performing the validation and calibration. The CAL/VAL database also helps as a tool to monitor the quality and availbality of the data provided by the data acquisition teams contracted by ESA. 

The most intensive data collection activity was concentrated during the 6-month commissioning phase, but ESA has decided to continue the database activity. The ENVISAT Cal/Val database for groundbased measurements is currently used for continuous validation of the now operational satellite data products.

To get access for exchange of data files (only scientists responsible for data exchange in registered CalVal projects), please print out the CalVal Protocol , fill in the required information, and return the form by telefax to NILU.

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